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Madigan Army Medical Center

Links of Interest in Dermatology

American Academy of Dermatology - Patient information, professional information, meeting schedules... Recently improved and updated. A list of all AAD members with their addresses and telephone numbers.

Medical Matrix - Dermatology - An extensive list of resources on the Internet. This is the best place to start looking for medical information if you are new to the Internet. Well organized and well maintained. Give it a try.

Internet Grateful Med - Free Medline searches. You no longer need a password to get online on the Internet Grateful Med..

Drug Reaction Database - Alphabetic listing of medications and documented reactions. Excellent reference material. Easy to use and very comprehensive.

Index of RxDerm Archives - see what other dermatologists are doing/ saying about a disorder. Alphabetical archive of the dermatology list group discussions on a variety of topics. Some interesting discussions for a little light reading.

Patient Information Resources on the Internet

Internet Dermatology Society

Dermatology Online Journal

Dermatology in the Cinema - Examples of dermatologic disorders in the movies. Interesting and fun web site. Well done. Frequent award winner.

Health Web - Dermatology - misc. dermatology resources

Univ of Iowa - Dermatology - Outstanding institutional web page. If you are planning a web page for your university take a look at this one. Good dermatology references.

Univ of British Columbia - Dermatology

UC Davis - Dermatology

The Crowe's Nest - A personal web page with additional training in the use of the Internet and Dermatology links.